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Your local Council services in Ightenhill are provided at three levels; County, Borough and Parish Councils.


Ightenhill Parish Council is a civil local authority and is the lowest tier of local government in England.

We are the level of government closest to the people and have a vital role to play in improving local quality of life for our community.

We can influence decisions that affect local people such as planning applications, help bring life to local communities with events & funding projects and offer a way of making sure decisions taken and services provided meet the needs of our residents. There are over 206 parish and town councils in Lancashire covering both rural and urban areas.

Most local council spending in the Burnley area is the responsibility of Lancashire County Council. They support the state primary and secondary schools and run social services, libraries and youth services. It also has the main responsibility for highways, including winter gritting, blocked road drains and street lighting maintenance.


Burnley Borough Council is responsible for other key services in the borough. The best known ones include your bin waste collection, street cleaning, running the public leisure centres, maintaining parks & green spaces, cemeteries, considering planning applications, licensing taxis, takeaways to name a few core functions.



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Meetings start at 7.30pm and are held at Padiham Road Methodist Church, Brassey
Street, Burnley.

Usually the 4th Monday of every month,

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